Looking forward to Joni at The Citadel. Sorry Nearlys!

Just had a request played on Steve Lamaq on 6music in the “great LP but rubbish cover “section.I named Can,t Buy a Thrill and The Royal Scam( probably my 2 favourite SD albums.) They played “Kings”. Aja and Gaucho stopped the run of dodgy cover art although I am sure others will have their own favourites.

What happened to the towel?

Glee Club Nottingham 11th Feb. Sixth outing to see Nearly Dan. Should now call themselves Might as Well Be Dan. They get better and better. All of the band are consumate musicians; they are sublime as a band and they know it. But with the musical chops goes a playfulness and humour and the performance had the sold out audience in the palm of their hands from the first seconds . The perfect night out.

Stunning crowd tonight at the Glee Club - thank you for such a great time xx